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“The beauty of the land of Palestine stems from its rich, fertile, and diverse agriculture, and this has been for thousands of years, a social culture of farming that creatively lived with the land producing the best treasures out of the soil. Palestinian farmers lived in harmony with this ecosystem for thousands of years and continue to honor these traditions to this day” Founder, Nasser Abufarha.


First Urban Forms Fertile Crescent Home of Agriculture Home of Civilizations 5 Climate Zones

First Urban Forms         Fertile Crescent Home of Agriculture          Home of Civilizations             5 Climate Zones




Improving the livelihoods of small-scale Palestinian farmers and artisan producers and their communities by promoting ecological and organic farming in Palestine through:




Valorizing the eco-cultural beauty and richness of the Palestinian land and transforming it into opportunities and added values for the agricultural sector.



Main Goals

  • Protect, preserve and support the sustainable agro-ecology of Palestine.
  • Raise public awareness for sustainable agro-ecology products, their value to human health and the environment.
  • Support organic farming production, processing, and marketing.
  • Provide opportunities for global exchange of knowledge.
  • Provide farmers with guidance and training on organic farming practices.
  • Preserve and enhance indigenous plant varieties and animal races.
  • Enhance food security and building resilience of local food resources.
  • Promote Closed farming system, by keeping external inputs and waste outputs to minimum.
  • Minimize environmental pollution and promote public heath training and extension.